Sound Therapy

(Tuning Forks)

Sound Therapy

We perceive sound through our ears, but also through our entire body as it conducts the sound waves into every cell. Each cell has antennae that vibrate like a tuning fork in response to vibrational frequencies from our environment allowing sound to help us heal (think of your favorite song!)

Sound has been used the world over as a healing medium since ancient times. Bells, gongs, singing bowls, drums, rattles, chimes and tuning forks have all been used in healing work. Tuning forks are available in many different frequencies to aid in treating the whole body or specific issues and are very powerful tools for shifting the vibrations of our whole energy system.

As the sound waves travel through the body’s energy field new patterns of balance are created replacing the detrimental ones causing health issues. As vibrational shifts occur at a cellular level a domino effect takes place encouraging the body to return to its natural harmony. Tuning forks work on the same principle as acupuncture by unblocking meridian pathways and energizing the chakras allowing the body to use its own energy for healing. For those who are seeking stress relief, a better sense of calm and balance, lower anxiety, reduced pain, and improved circulation tuning forks are of great benefit.

Dawn is a certified tuning fork practitioner and coach with over 15 years of experience. She frequently works not only with humans, but with horses in her equine therapy program. Dawn works with horses that are family pets, in training for various disciplines, on the competition circuit, when working with veterans and trauma, and when aiding with rescue horses.