Therapeutic Massage

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Therapeutic Massage

What is a therapeutic massage?
A therapeutic massage relieves muscle aches and pains through manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles. This massage type often borrows from techniques from sports massage, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage to provide relief from tension and relaxation. People seek out this type of massage for sport conditioning, rehabilitation, or as a means of relaxation.

What should I expect?
A massage therapist often customizes the massage for their clients, paying special attention to any injuries or ailments. The massage can be soft and relaxing if the body is not particularly tense, or more firm with pressure to diminish any tense or injured areas. This pressure encourages blood to flow through the pained areas, and relax tense muscles.

As tense muscles relax, you will begin to feel relief, often by the end of a session. Sometimes you’ll need more than one treatment session, depending on how tense and tight your muscles are. Each session typically lasts for an hour.

What are the benefits?
A therapeutic massage removes tension and muscles aches from the back, neck, shoulders, and other body parts. With relief from pain, clients often report better sleep quality, decreased anxiety, and reduced fatigue after the massage.

Why should I get a therapeutic massage instead of a Swedish or deep tissue massage?
As previously mentioned, a therapeutic massage borrows from many massage modalities, including Swedish and deep tissue. A Swedish massage is best for someone seeking out relaxation only, possibly after a long week at work. A deep tissue massage is best for more chronic pain, often concentrated in a few areas. For minor discomfort or soreness, therapeutic massage is the massage for you.