Dawn Humbles, LSH, CVSC, CZB

Senior Practitioner

Helping you to find wellness

Hi, I’m Dawn! I would love to meet you and work with you on your wellness journey.

My Background

Dawn Humbles, LSH, CVSC, CZB has been working in the healing arts for over fifteen years and is a certified vibrational sound coach and practitioner, certified Zero Balancing practitioner, and trained CranioSacral therapist. She has had extensive training in CranioSacral therapy (including working with the inner brain structures), acupressure, and energy meridians.

Dawn started her transformative touch journey when a friend introduced her to vibrational sound therapy and she quickly realized she could bridge healing modalities with horses and humans. It was also through her work as a vibrational sound therapist that Dawn discovered the modalities of CranioSacral, Zero Balancing, and received special training in Equine CranioSacral therapy.

Dawn can also be found working with family horses and their owners along with horses that are involved in competition, trauma and injury recovery, and horse rescue. She is co-owner of Humble Rhoads to Wellness Center and her love for horses leads her to volunteer at Restoration Ranch in Bastrop, Texas working with their equine and military veteran program to help with trauma release.

My Story

I have been involved with horses for over thirty years and became interested in holistic health by seeing, firsthand, the benefits of acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic adjustments on them. I started training in holistic healing to help horses.

In 2003 I experienced a sudden and severe brain tumor. Luckily, I had a team of wonderfully qualified doctors and nurses but I also had a couple of very skilled craniosacral and tuning fork therapists working with me. I quickly realized how these complementary therapies supported my healing and ability to return to my life and career. After recovering from surgery, to remove the tumor, I discovered I had not only a passion for working with horses, but also people. Deciding to follow my passions I went back to school to train for the various modalities I now offer you.

My Approach

I will listen to you and your body. It is your journey to optimal wellness and you decide what is best for you. I simply help your body find it’s balance, release stress, trauma, and issues of everyday life. I work with your body’s desire for self-healing and inner calm while integrating my work with any traditional medical treatments.

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