Temporary Changes to Operation and Client Rules


Our business, like many other businesses that involve face-to-face interaction, has been impacted by rules and regulations mandated by various agencies and government entities. These have been created in order to keep you, as well as our staff, safe as we all deal with a pandemic that has impacted each and every one of us. We ask that you work with us in order to provide you service, meet mandated changes to operations, and do what we can to keep you healthy. Your wellness and well-being are paramount to us and we want to work with you to achieve those goals.

Access to Lobby and Premise

We are not allowed to have people wait in the lobby or to have more than one person occupy the lobby at one time.

We are required to admit only one person at at time for treatment. That means that the front door is locked BUT WE ARE OPEN. At the time of your appointment you will telephone the business at our regular business number. [(224) 228-2662] Someone will meet you at the door and let you in. Masks are required.

Internal Procedures

You will be taken at once to a treatment room. We will do all processing, paperwork, payment, and scheduling of any follow-up appointment in the treatment room. To improve air quality and to limit the spread of aerosols we have installed individual HEPA grade air filtration in each treatment room in order to maximize your safety and to help safeguard your health.

After Your Session

After treatment, you will be taken to the rear door or, to the main entrance, providing no one is waiting there. Once you have safely left the premises we will disinfect the treatment room, change any linens, and prepare for the next client. We will be allocating extra time between appointments in order to accommodate this.

Online Appointments are Temporarily Suspended

Because these extra steps are necessary and mandated, until things return to normal operations, it will not be possible to book appointments online. You will need to telephone for an appointment [(224) 228-2662] or send us a message from the messaging form on the website and we will call you back to schedule your appointment.

Return to Normal Operation

Once we have been given permission to return to normal operations, we will make online appointment booking available again, we will be able to see multiple clients again, and will relax the access control to the office. We thank you for your patience at this time. We know that it’s inconvenient and we appreciate that you are willing to work with us in order to provide these necessary services.

All Rights Reserved

Finally, because times are difficult for many and we need to keep staff safe, we need to clearly state that we reserve the right to deny service or access to anyone for any reason.