As we age it is important for us to remember that exercise is critical. It does not need to be strenuous or take up half of our day, but it does need to be enough to help us keep our bones strong, our hearts pumping well and maintain our mobility and balance . Senior exercise will help us have a better quality of life as we live a longer life. SilverSneakers brings us this YouTube presentation of 5 exercises seniors should do everyday. If you are not able to do them as demonstrated, please modify until you can.

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Whether it’s wanting to maintain or improve your muscle strength, or wanting to improve your balance and mobility, we’re going to show you 5 exercises we believe seniors should do every day. Want more videos? Visit our On-Demand library at: Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

1 month ago (edited) Thanks very much for these. Undergoing some PT, still unable to visit the local gym until finished with PT. These exercises will help until the gym is possible again.

Georgette DiDomenico4 months ago The 5 excerises are very helpful . I will continue to watch . Thank you ,

C Mitchell
4 months ago Excellent sequence. Especially need work on gait. Discovered my left foot doesn’t know how to spell. 😉

We hope you found this presentation helpful and informative. As our population ages, we at Humble Rhoads to Wellness will do our best to find good information for the good health of our seniors. Please let us know in the comments below if you found this information helpful and how you use it in your daily lives.

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