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Enhancing Wellness

By working with Eastern teachings and Western science we bring you a combination of transformative touch and energy modalities to help you feel balanced, more relaxed, and better aligned. 

For your educational needs Humble Rhoads Academy will be focusing on bringing you holistic health information and classes to improve your overall well being and understanding of complementary/alternative medicine, transformative touch therapies, and research. 

Helping You Achieve Balance

Experience the Connection

By utilizing integrated bodywork and providing skilled, conscious touch, energy work, and education we can work with you to provide a better mind-body connection. Your mental, physical, and spiritual well being are paramount to a well balanced and healthy life. An holistic approach allows us to treat the whole you as the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Humble Rhoads to Wellness Center is a non-judgmental, and safe healing environment. All races, individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, and various spiritual and religious practices are welcomed and respected. 

Benefits From This Approach

Enhanced Well being

Deeper Relaxation

Pain Management

Stress Relief

Structural Issues

Injury Recovery

Trauma Release


Zero Balancing

Acupressure / Meridian

CranioSacral Therapy


Sound Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

What is Integrative Health Care
and Holistic Wellness?

Who can benefit from this approach?

Holistic Health is an ancient approach to life that focuses on the whole person and emphasizes the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic care incorporates complementary and alternative modalities that focus on wellness and prevention while integrating Eastern and Western practices and education. We, at Humble Rhoads to Wellness, work toward integrative health care. Integrative health care works with you and your provider to incorporate complementary modalities that are safe and effective. Who can benefit from this approach? Everyone.

Enhanced Wellbeing, Stress Relief, and Deeper Relaxation
We live in a world that is hurried, competitive, and stressful along with being overloaded with information and responsibilities. Chronic stress has been shown as a major factor in health issues. All of our modalities offered support the body’s ability to realign and begin healing even at the cellular level. For more information on all modalities check out their descriptions on our web page.
Pain Management, Structural Issues, Injury Recovery
Zero Balancing and Craniosacral therapy have both been found to help with chronic and acute pain management, migraines, TMJ, and structural and injury issues from sports, surgery, or everyday living. Craniosacral has been shown to help with concussions through the Upledger Institute that works with NFL players and Zero Balancing allows the body to adjust and integrate structural changes and energy alignment in a gentle and noninvasive way. In some sessions Vibrational Sound Therapy and Reiki are used as support systems for Craniosacral and Zero Balancing sessions.
Trauma Release
Many have experienced physical, mental, or emotional trauma. Both Misty and Dawn have been trained in working with military veterans, the polyvagal system, neurobiology, and somatic emotional release. Craniosacral, Zero Balancing, and Reiki often help with trauma release and resiliency.
Equine Therapy
Does your horse have anxiety, fear, or stress? Does it fail to thrive or have structural problems? We can help with these and many other behavioral and structural issues. We can work with just your horse or the horse and rider as a pair.
We are currently in the process of developing a program for military veterans and first responders working with horses to aid in releasing trauma from military service and other professional duties. Both the horses and the clients receive healing benefits.
Equine work with the horse, rider, or for trauma release utilizes Craniosacral, Sound Vibration Therapy (Tuning Forks), and Acupressure/Meridian work.
Integrative Health Care
All of the modalities offered easily work with Western medicines and treatments. They can often help ease the side effects and pain levels of various health issues and medicinal treatments. We see the person as a whole and work with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health.

What We Believe

We believe in holistic healing and offer modalities to help bring forth a balance in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions to aid in achieving optimal health and wellness. As practitioners we view the person as a whole that is made up of interdependent parts and, when one part is balanced, all other parts are positively affected. Our viewpoints and training meld with Eastern and Western medicinal modalities allowing us to work with energy and structure to to better align and support the body as a whole. Our transformative touch modalities help our clients achieve optimal wellness in a kind, safe, and ethical environment. 

 Our modalities through skilled conscious touch can aid in stress reduction and relaxation, pain management, trauma recovery, movement restriction, body and energy balancing, and wellness support. 


“A couple years ago I somehow tore my meniscus, after several trips to the Orthopedic Doctor and wearing a knee brace there was no relief. Dawn offered to help try and alleviate the pain, after 1 treatment the knee pain that I had been experiencing for almost 2 years was gone. I highly recommend Dawn and her services, extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

“I have scoliosis and since working with Misty and Dawn my chronic pain has dropped significantly allowing me to enjoy more activities and more of my life. I highly recommend working with them. They are professional, well educated, and work well with other practitioners.” -MER

“At the beginning of a Zero Balancing session Misty asked ‘What do you want? What is your intention for this session?’ I wanted my back, hip and neck pain to go away, but what I stated was ‘I want to feel whole and complete.’

During the treatment, I actually became aware of my bones, like they were lit from within, and a calm contentment came over me. I was, for a better term, finally settled, in the moment, and feeling whole. With each treatment I was able to carry this same peace home with me and my pain disappeared. Being pain free and feeling connected are wonderful feelings!

I highly recommend a session with Misty, her compassion and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the body-mind connection allow for treatment of the whole person and you leave feeling seen and heard.” -Pam F.

Online Resources

Related Articles and Books

Here are some of the books and articles we find interesting and informative on a variety of health topics.

International Journal of Zero Balancing and Transformative Touch

The International Journal of Zero Balancing and Transformative Touch is an open-access, high-quality peer reviewed journal with the purpose of advancing scholarly thought concerning Zero Balancing and other transformative touch practices. The journal includes work that connects touch with areas such as movement therapy, neurobiology, psychology, trauma, and perception.

Classes and Workshops

Various classes and workshops will be held through the Humble-Rhoads Academy. We will offer courses in health promotion, energy work, transformative touch research methods, and many other exciting topics!

Try something new. Have the experience. Invest in yourself. Find your balance.

What if you tried something new and felt better? What if you had the experience and enjoyed it? What if you invested in yourself and had more energy to enjoy life? What if your body was allowed to become more balanced and you better understood wellness and integrated health? What if you came to a place that held you in the highest regard and believed in supporting the whole of you?

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